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Napoleonic British Light Infantry

( UBP23 )

These figures are painted as the 52nd ( Oxfordshire ) Regiment nick named 'The Light Bobs'. They served throughout the Peninsular War and at Waterloo and commanded from 1811 by Sir John Colborne.

The 52nd and 43rd Light Infantry received specialist training under Sir John Moore and formed, along with the 95th Rifles and Portuguese Cacadores, the renowned Light Division in Wellington's Peninsular Army.

28mm British Light Infantry






The Light Division was in combat more than any other unit in the Peninsular Army.

28mm Saxon Napoleonics 1810 - 1815

Foot Artillery



28mm Saxon Napoleonic Foot Artillery 1810-1815

28mm Napoleonic Artillery Equipment


28mm Saxon Napoleonic Artillery Equipment

28mm Swedish Napoleonics

Infantry wearing kiewer shakos

28mm Swedish Napoleonic Infantry



Collectors Series 1809 Range

French Line Foot Artillery 1806 - 1813


Collectors Series Artillery Equipment

French Year XI 6pdr Cannon & Howitzer


1809 Range French Foot Artillery

Collectors Series Artillery Equipment