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French Cuirassiers in Campaign Dress ( UFN42 )

ideal for the Peninsular or 1812 Russian Campaign


This unit has been painted as the 13th Regiment wearing their distinctive brown uniforms.

Formed on 21st October 1808, from the 1st Provisional Heavy Cavalry Regiment, for service in the Peninsular where they remained until their return to France in 1814.

The Regiment was given wine coloured facings ( Vallejo 034 Burnt Cadmium Red ). Due to problems of supplying blue uniforms they were made locally from 'Spanish' brown cloth. Their original hide breeches were found to be unsuitable for the Spanish climate and were mostly replaced with trousers also made of the aforementioned cloth.

28mm Portuguese Cavalry

28mm Saxon Napoleonic Infantry 1810-1815

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28mm Brunswick Napoleonics 1815

Advance Guard Infantry

28mm Brunswick Infantry 1815